The grade 7 learners had their entrepreneurs day on the 1st of September 2017. They were so excited that you could feel their energy in the air. At 9am they started setting up and a few parents were there to help them. It was so interesting to see how they were in charge of every little aspect of their stall. Some of the boys made boerewors rolls on a gas stove and some even braaied. They had one hour to set up and everyone was ready to sell their products by 10am.

The entrepreneurs day officially started. Al of the primary kids streamed out of their classes and ran to all the different stalls. Quickly we could see lines starting to form in just a few minutes. It was such a rush for the grade 7’s, they had to think and work fast. One of the grade 7 boys sold out in just ten minutes and the rest of the learners quickly followed.

In the last ten minutes of the day the whole school helped clean up the school grounds, while the grade 7’s started packing up with only a few of them with some items left. It was such a fun and successful day. I am extremely proud of all the grade 7’s for making this such a special day and one that I’m sure they won’t forget.

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