Yuvhan started his Karate career in February 2016 with JSKA South Africa, under the instruction of the Soon Pretorius Karate Academy. The Academy was established in 2002, by 8th Dan, Soon Pretorius. The style of Karate practiced by this academy is Shotokan Karate, which dates back to 1868.

Yuvhan has been through several grading seminars over the past year and has participated in both the JSKA 33rd National Championship Tournament, in which he achieved a Gold Medal for Kata (detailed choreographed patterns of movements), and a Silver Medal for Kumite (Freestyle fighting using Kihon movements in both defensive and offensive techniques).

It was due to his outstanding performance at this tournament, that he was then selected to represent South Africa at the 22nd World Federation, National Development Championship, as part of the JSKA National team, held in Maputo Mozambique on 26th August 2017. He was elated to receive his National Colours at a ceremony held on 16th August 2017 at the Pretoria Country Club. Quite an achievement indeed.

His performance was truly outstanding as he once again made us extremely proud by achieving 2 Silver Medals for Kata and Kumite respectively. This tournament was an extremely exciting experience and involved a lot of dedication from Yuvhan, as he underwent months of preparation, of 3 hour training sessions over weekends and a Boot camp fun/training weekend prior to the event. He proved to be very focused and matured to take on such a responsibility upon himself.

Yuvhan who is now an Orange belt at Karate is still very excited and motivated, for the road ahead towards his Black Belt. We look forward to many more National and World events for Yuvhan to make us even more proud. He does have intentions of furthering himself in his Karate career, towards one day becoming a 9th Dan. We are so proud of him and sincerely thank Star College Pretoria for the tremendous support throughout this tournament.

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