Mooh, Mooh , Mooh!! Said the Cows! Yes it was an exciting trip to the Diary Farm!

The Grade R and RRs had so much fun learning all about The Diary products, what they are and where they come from. We saw cows and their udders and big white puddles! Milk everywhere! They showed us how they do it in the modern times, instead of hands; big machines look like alien robots milking the huge beautiful Holstein Frisian cows with their big black spots. Then we saw these alien robot machines pouring milk into a packet and sealed it closed. It was so fast and amazing.

We saw cute baby calf’s, being born just the other day.  Everyone was excited to touch their fur or use their thumbs as a dummy for a little suck. They were like real babies alright.

Then we explored the Farm like real Cowboys running up and down the hills. We saw a heart shaped tree with beautiful green leaves and we met other animals along the way.

We had so much fun; some of us even took a little nap on our way home!

Thank you Willow Diary Farm.

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